Have you sensed God may be calling you to serve as a pastor? 


When God called me, I was a professional photographer and I had no interest at all in leaving behind my comfortable, secure, and ‘known’ life, to follow His lead into this unknown adventure of becoming a pastor. I wrestled with God’s call on my life for 4 months before finally surrendering to His will for my future. 

In hindsight, my fears and questions about the unknown, while real, were needless. God, who knows all and is all-powerful and loving, will never ask us to do or become something that is inconsistent with the way He has designed us to be and serve. The God who calls us is the God who provides and equips us.


I eventually came to understand a person is not a pastor because they have a title or education as a pastor.  No, a person is a pastor because it is their nature to be pastoral. 

By that I mean, a pastor is, at the core of their being, a person who deeply cares about others and wants to see others thrive and live God-pleasing lives. I suspect you may be such a person.  A person who truly cares about others.


Our formal education at places like Kingswood University only enhances and strengthens our God-given ability to serve and lead well.  During my education, I learned such important principles and practices as: “Pastoring a community, not just a congregation” and “The warmth of the church is found in small group relationships.”

I gained invaluable insights about how to more effectively disciple others, and how to efficiently share my faith in today’s culture.

I was trained by highly experienced older pastors and learned the importance of empowering and equipping lay ministry rather than trying to do ministry as a lone ranger.

My education revealed more of my God-given passions and abilities and gave me the confidence to begin the incredible journey of serving as a local church pastor.


I am so glad I did not allow fear to keep me from following God’s call on my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years serving Christ and His church, and best of all, having a front-row seat to see God work in the lives of so many people.

To be present with people in their times of greatest celebrations and in their times of struggle is a privilege few know. To see marriages healed, lives transformed, to be part of seeing a community reached for Christ,  to help them come to know and love and trust Jesus.

As one person has aptly said, “If God calls you to serve as a pastor, don’t stoop to become a king.”



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