With dedication, resolve and purpose, it’s more than feasible to launch your career in vocational ministry from the comfort of your own home. At Kingswood University, our online undergraduate programs make it possible for students to answer their call into ministry from the space that’s most convenient for them. Whether you’re already working, engaged in commitments to your family or are simply looking for a program that accommodates your schedule, pursuing an online ministry degree with Kingswood can help you to prepare for a life of ministry while you balance the demands of your personal and professional life.

When it comes to completing your degree remotely, however, it’s understandable to have some concerns about staying motivated outside of a traditional classroom setting. While preparing for your career in vocational ministry, implementing some strategies for success will help you to remain productive during your online ministry courses. Below, discover five tips for learning remotely as a Christian university student.

Work in a Space Where You’re Productive

One of the most important strategies for successful remote learning is to create a space that’s free of distractions. Although you might be completing online Bible college from the comfort of your own home, it’s important to set up a room or a corner that’s dedicated to learning. As a tip, try to avoid areas where you’ll be tempted to multitask, such as common spaces for you and your family. Likewise, setting up on the couch might not be conducive to a focused, productive approach. In order to ensure the successful completion of online classes each day, make sure that your workspace enhances your productivity rather than derails it.

online bible college

When enrolled in an online Christian university, make sure your workspace promotes productivity

Establish a Schedule for Your Online Bible College Coursework

Time management is critical as an online student. Without the structured schedule that comes with attending class in person, it’s up to you to establish a daily plan that works for you. At the beginning of each semester, take a look at your course syllabi and determine the dates of upcoming assignments, events and exams. Additionally, consider your prior commitments, such as work or family. 

Using this information, you can create a schedule for yourself, allocating time to spend on each class. By keeping your commitment to yourself to follow your schedule, you’ll ensure that you can balance your studies with your personal and professional life, taking full advantage of the flexibility offered by asynchronous online courses.

Invest in Your Personal Spiritual Growth

As coursework gets added to an already full schedule, it can be tempting to use your assigned reading and studying as your devotional time. While we are confident that what you will learn through your classes at Kingswood will greatly enrich your spiritual growth, it is important to maintain spiritual disciplines like reading the Word, reflecting and meditating on what God is teaching you in your personal study time, and spending time in prayer. 

Students who thrive while studying online recognize that their coursework is not a substitute for their personal time with God, but something that complements their devotional time. Establishing the habit now of maintaining a personal growth plan while engaging in deep and meaningful study will set you up for a life of sustainable ministry output. 

Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle

Developing a healthy lifestyle will give you the energy, motivation and strength you need to complete your courses at our online Christian university. In preparation for a future of serving others, taking proper care of your body is an essential component in the cultivation of a healthy spirit. Thus, your health is a foundational aspect of your success, both during your studies and beyond. While learning remotely, make sure you’re setting aside time to take care of yourself, whether that’s going to the gym, getting outside a few times a day or doing something active that you love.

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Cultivating a healthy lifestyle will be important to your success while learning remotely

Lean on Your Network

Although you might feel physically distant from your university while learning remotely, it’s important to remember that your support network is just a call, email or message away. At Kingswood University, we pride ourselves on being a large family, and throughout your studies, you’ll have access to supportive professors and staff, as well as our Online Support Services, at all times. Community support is key in preparing for a life of service, and it’s important to lean on your network whenever you need guidance or perspective as an online student.

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