The Wesleyan Church’s National Prayer Tour is drawing to a close for Kingswood student Tom Mason and Kingswood graduate Luke Maiorino, who have been travelling across Canada, praying for churches and communities along the way. Read on for an update from Tom on some of his prayer tour experiences and how God is moving!

“Share a story of God’s faithfulness that has come out of the ministry of this tour.”

Tom: “It’s been amazing to see God faithfully provide for this ministry through the generosity of others. We have also seen God move in very unexpected times and situations, leading us into many amazing encounters where we have had the opportunity to witness and pray for people. We have seen the Holy Spirit move in power in our day-to-day life on the road as well as during prayer events!”

“What has been the most rewarding part of the Prayer Tour so far?”

Tom: “One of the most rewarding parts for me is seeing God speak powerfully to His people, and seeing what He has been placing on their hearts. It has been incredible seeing prayer cards pour in from people as we go, showing that God is continuing to speak to His people as this initiative’s influence spreads. The anticipation of seeing God continue to speak rises with each new prayer event!”

“How can people following along best be praying for the local churches across Canada?”

Tom: “Be praying that local churches will continue to meet regularly for times of corporate prayer! We have seen so many of these prayer events renew a fresh passion for prayer in people. Congregations all across the country have already felt encouraged, inspired, and led to continue meeting together to pray for God’s kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Describe an especially impactful moment from one of the Prayer Tour events.”

Tom: “One of the prayer events we were at in Montreal was incredibly impactful! The joy of the Lord was so overwhelmingly evident in people as they poured out praise to God, and it was such a blessing to worship alongside them! Moments being prayed over by those attending the prayer events have also been very impactful and encouraging.”

Luke and Tom are both looking forward to seeing God move throughout all of Canada as people seek Him. 

Visit this page to read more about the National Prayer Tour: https://wesleyan.ca/national-prayer-tour-2023/

Visit the youtube page for the Wesleyan Church of Canada to follow along with their journey: https://www.youtube.com/@wesleyanca