In the face of the increasing threat posed by the coronavirus, Kingswood University has moved all classes to a distance education format and suspended all student on-campus activities.  All campus offices remain open to serve our students, prospective students, alumni and other constituents across North America and around the world.. We are continually monitoring and abiding by all federal and provincial public health guidelines.

All classes will resume Monday, March 23rd through distance education.  In this way, all students will be able to complete their academic program for the spring semester.  We are working one-on-one with our fourth-year students engaged in their Supervised Ministry Experience to allow them to successfully complete their academic program.  A decision will be made by the end of March regarding spring graduation activities.

By Friday, March 20, all students will have returned home or made other living arrangements, including all international students.  Townhouse residents have been permitted to remain since their living arrangements are self-contained. Residence hall students will be receiving a rebate for a prorated portion of their room and board.  Residence halls and all facilities will now undergo deep cleaning.

The early departure of students will permit the planned renovations of Stairs Hall to begin ahead of schedule.

For any questions related to residence life or plant operations, please contact Rev. Kirk Sabine at 506-432-4408 or sabinek@kingswood.edu.  For questions related to academics, please contact Dr. Janet Starks at 506-432-4407 or starksj@kingswood.edu.  For all other questions, please contact President Steve Lennox at 506-432-4411 or lennoxs@kingswood.edu.

Such times remind us of our dependence on God.  We remain confident, not because we know the future, but because we know and follow the One who does.  Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our students and staff during these days.