In order to provide the social distance needed to minimize the spread of this disease, we have decided to discontinue on-campus activities effective immediately.  All classes will resume in a distance education format in a few days. We have asked resident students to begin making travel plans to return home.

We will meet this evening at 6:30 p.m. in the chapel to answer student questions regarding classes, housing, and related issues.  This will also give us an opportunity to conclude the on-campus portion of the semester with prayer.  We will meet with staff on Wednesday morning to field their questions.

This has been a very difficult decision.  In light of the closures today of most of the other colleges and universities in New Brunswick, the increased risk of infection given our widespread travels over spring break, and the movement by provincial and federal public health officials toward increased restrictions, we felt we had no other choice.

Thank you for your prayers as we navigate these unprecedented and ever-changing waters.