Kingswood University’s commitment to providing quality, flexible options for students to study online has reached a new level through a strategic partnership with CampusEDU. 

Kingswood recognizes a growing number of students need the flexibility to take care of their family, work, and ministry responsibilities without the upheaval of moving for an on-campus program. With a focus on academic excellence, practical ministry experience, and intentional spiritual formation that uniquely prepares students to minister in a variety of contexts and careers, expanding access for students to study online is essential.

The team at Campus is employing their expertise in instructional and graphic design, videography, and story development to provide quality online courses through their new platform. Kingswood students will now have access to a growing catalogue of quality Christian courses that meet the academic and spiritual formation requirements that are hallmarks of a KU education. Additionally, Kingswood will be providing several key Bible, theology, and ministry courses to the Campus course catalogue, expanding Kingswood’s influence to students studying in other institutions around the world.

This new partnership will allow Kingswood to continue to deliver an exceptional experience while increasing course offerings, streamlining the delivery of course content, and maintaining the commitment to offer an affordable education. Kingswood’s certificate-level students will gain immediate benefit as the twenty-four courses required for ordination move to the user-friendly CampusLearn platform by summer. 

“We are delighted to be able to partner with CampusEDU. Their creativity, flexibility, commitment to quality, and entrepreneurial spirit are just what we need to navigate the rapidly changing world of higher education.” – Dr. Stephen Lennox, President.

Kingswood University remains dedicated to strengthening the local and global church through forming Christ-like servant leaders. Having a partner in Campus that understands and supports this mission positions Kingswood for even greater effectiveness and impact.