January 1st marked the official launch date of Kingswood Learn, an exciting new free resource that provides access to high-quality, engaging, and practical micro courses to make faith and ministry training accessible to believers and church leaders everywhere. This platform was created in partnership with CampusEDU, a team of instructional designers, videographers, storytellers, and visual artists who empower faith-based academic institutions through their digital learning platform and learning design team. 

​​CampusEDU and Kingswood University’s shared vision, along with deep-rooted connections between their leaders Darren Campbell and Dr. Steve Lennox, fostered a collaborative environment for the development of Kingswood Learn. The platform encourages local churches to create and share their own learning content, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the broader church community.

Kingswood Learn features courses that address themes such as Biblical Studies & Theology, Organizational Management, Marketplace Ministry, Helping Skills, NextGen Ministry, Technical Skills, Discipleship, and Church Planting.

With a wide range of courses and highly-qualified content contributors, Kingswood Learn has something for everyone. Are you a Christian looking for resources to grow in your faith, study scripture, and learn more about self care? Are you a believer passionate about spreading the Gospel, but unsure of where to start? Are you a pastor or ministry leader looking for tools to develop your congregation’s skills and knowledge? Then this is for you!

With new courses being added regularly, this is a platform that will continue to expand beyond the initial 50 courses developed for the Kingswood Learn launch, making it a rich and relevant resource for individuals, small groups, and churches.

To access courses currently on the site and to stay updated on new course releases, sign up for a free Kingswood Learn account today at www.kingswoodlearn.com.