If you’ve been called to serve God as your vocation through a career in ministry, the possibilities to pursue your interests and goals are endless with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry at Kingswood University. Throughout this four-year degree program, students have the opportunity to gain practical ministry experience while building theoretical knowledge and nurturing their spiritual growth. 

The Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry offers both academic excellence and variety for students. The program contains options to suit the needs of every student, offering ten majors and minors to choose from. While earning your degree, you’ll be able to customize your courses to fit your interests and passions within the field, preparing for the career path that matters most to you. 

While the many degree options available at Kingswood might be overwhelming at first, with a better understanding of what’s available to you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your studies. Below, discover some of the ways that you can customize your Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry at Kingswood University.

Passionate About a Career in Pastoral Ministry? Explore Your Interests in the Field

If you’re interested in leading a community of worshippers by serving in a church, you’ll be a great fit for a major in Pastoral Ministry while you attend Christian university in Canada. Kingswood’s Pastoral Ministry program prepares students to excel as leaders, gaining confidence in preaching, outreach, discipleship, and more through practical experience and the emphasis on personal intentional spiritual formation. Depending on your interests in the field, you can enhance your major in Pastoral Ministry with a minor in another area. For example, if you’re interested in honing your leadership skills in order to reach the unchurched, a minor in Church Planting could be right for you. 

If you’re more inclined to serve younger populations, supporting them in leading a life of devotion to Christ, you might consider minoring in Children & Family Ministry or Youth & Family Ministry. If you’re passionate about expressing your love of Christ through music or the arts, a minor in Worship Arts could also supplement your studies in Pastoral Ministry. 

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You can combine your major in Pastoral Ministry with a number of other minors

Develop Your Business Skills with a Ministry Focus

With the right theological foundation and spiritual awareness, you’ll be able to make an impact in whatever vocation you choose. If you’re leaning toward a career in business or another marketplace career after earning your Christian degree in Canada, you might consider a major in Business as Ministry or a major in Marketplace Ministry

In a Business as Ministry program, you’ll build key business skills, gaining knowledge in economics, accounting, and marketing, while engaging in practical ministry. You’ll be able to apply your training to an entrepreneurial venture, or you might even be inclined to explore executive positions in a church or ministerial organization. With a Marketplace Ministry degree, you’ll be prepared to pursue secular employment, with the ability to integrate your faith and service to others with your work. 

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While attending Christian university in Canada, you can develop your skills in the secular marketplace

Deepen Your Ability to Serve Those in Need During Christian University in Canada

For some, their strength lies more in their ability to listen compassionately and serve those less fortunate. If this sounds like you, combining a major or minor in Christian Counselling with a major or minor in Evangelism, Compassion & Social Justice could enable you to fulfil your purpose. With a Christian Counselling degree, you’ll develop the skills to counsel individuals and groups with a Christ-centred approach, aided by an understanding of psychology and different types of counselling. 

Through the Evangelism, Compassion & Social Justice program, you’ll gain experience in conducting effective outreach and ministry, reaching out to those who are in desperate situations and serving their emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

These are just a few of the ways that you can customize your Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at Kingswood. However, you’ve likely gotten a few ideas about which programs might be right for you! 

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