When it comes to training to minister as your vocation, a strong campus community and student life are important in cultivating a holistic lifestyle and developing further as a follower of Christ. Located in beautiful New Brunswick, Kingswood University’s on-campus community is both what sets it apart from other Christian universities and the very foundation of its students’ success. 

Upon arriving on campus, each student is welcomed as a member of the Kingswood family. Through participation in Residence Life, Athletics, Chapel, and other extracurricular activities, students are able to share with each other the experience of growing as servants of Christ. In preparation to enter a life of vocational ministry, the support that students receive from one another, as well as the relationships they form, is crucial for success in this field. 

If you’re looking for ways to get involved in the surrounding community during your time at university, there’s no shortage of opportunities at Kingswood University. Discover what makes our campus life unique.

Engage in Meaningful Ministry with Chapel at Our Christian University in Canada

For students attending Kingswood’s Christian university in Canada, Chapel services are one of the most valuable aspects of the on-campus experience. Occurring twice a week, Chapel provides students with an opportunity to lead worship and become inspired by the preaching, presentations, perspectives, and words of their fellow students. A key component of the preparation that students receive for their future in ministry, Chapel is a safe space for students to explore and elevate their skills. Whether you possess musical or artistic gifts or wish to focus on practicing the spoken word, at Chapel, you’ll be challenged and motivated to pursue your talents and interests. Guided by Biblical teachings, participating in Chapel will enable you to prepare for what matters most.

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Chapel provides students with an opportunity to explore their interests

Pulse Provides an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Another important component of active student life at Kingswood is Pulse. Pulse happens once a week, during which students gather at different locations and settings and participate in an activity focused on cultivating a holistic lifestyle. Pulse enables students to nurture spiritual development in four areas, including the head, heart, hands, and habits. In order to maintain a healthy and sustainable career in ministry, spiritual development and growth are key, and by focusing on these four areas, students are able to expand their Christian worldview and enhance their capacity for compassion and understanding. Through a variety of hands-on projects, Pulse is a time to serve the surrounding community, becoming more grounded in your preparation for ministry in the process.

Cultivate a Healthy Spirit with Athletic Activities

While earning your accredited Christian degree, participating in athletics is an opportunity to embody the character of Christ through sportsmanship. Many different athletic activities can be found at Kingswood’s campus, including intramural sports or monthly athletic events, such as dodgeball tournaments, a weekend hiking trip, pond hockey and more. Available sports include basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, running group, swimming, skiing/snowboarding, disc golf, football, and sliding. 

Students who are less interested in team sports can always use their membership to the Civic Centre to lift weights or use the cardio machines. When you’re staying healthy by focusing on your fitness, you’re contributing toward nurturing a healthy spirit.

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Athletic activities promote a healthier lifestyle in preparation for a life of ministry

Form Connections to Last a Lifetime in Residence

With several different options for Residence at Kingswood University, you’ll soon feel at home on campus. Within each residence, shared living spaces and full-service kitchens provide opportunities for gatherings with your fellow students, allowing you to build connections in the community. Through all the fun you’ll have and memories you’ll make in the comfort of your Residence, you’re bound to form friendships that last a lifetime. These friendships and connections are ones you’ll be able to refer back to throughout your career in ministry for support and guidance, enhancing your success and developing your perspective. 

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