Getting a quality education that equips students with the skills they need to boldly step into their chosen profession after graduation is one of the many reasons why students choose Kingswood University.  Bachelor’s degree programs at Kingswood University are designed to provide students with a comprehensive education, with approximately one-third of courses in general education, one-third in biblical and theological studies, and one-third in practical training in professional competencies. Taken all together, this curriculum and approach helps our students develop a strong skill set, which sets them up for success in a wide range of careers. In addition, our Bachelor of Arts in Ministry is fully customizable, meaning that our students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of majors and minors, including Business, Church Planting, Christian Counselling, Marketplace Ministry, Children & Family Ministry, and more.

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Develop Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills in an Accredited Ministry Degree Program

As a requirement of the accredited ministry degree at Kingswood University, you will learn how to develop and apply analytical and critical thinking skills in the study of a broad range of topics. For example, you will get to analyze the impact that each biblical, historical, and theological principle has had on ministry as a whole. You will also get to perform independent research projects in order to refine your critical thinking skills—to name just a few of the opportunities you will have to develop this skill set. No matter which major or minor you choose to study, you will be able to pursue your desired employment with the analytical and critical thinking skills you need to thrive in the workforce.

accredited ministry degree

Collaboration in an intimate environment will help you develop skills such as leadership, planning, preaching, and more

Develop Effective Leadership Skills That You Can Use on the Job

Effective leadership has many forms, and you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a variety of ways while studying at Kingswood. Throughout your general education courses, as well as through your biblical and theological studies, you will have opportunities to collaborate with your fellow students, take responsibility for your education, and learn ministry leadership skills in the classroom as well as in practical settings. For example, students pursuing a Business major or minor as part of their Ministry Degree learn how to apply leadership principles to business and ministry settings, while students completing the Church Planting major or minor learn the critical leadership skills needed to build a ministry from the ground up with a church planting team. 

Leadership skills are important for any career, allowing you to step into your role in the workforce and complete your daily tasks with confidence. As a strong and informed leader, you will become a valued member of the team that leads by example. Whether you pursue employment in a business setting or within a ministry setting like youth and family ministry, your leadership skills will help you reach your goals and contribute high value to your organization.  

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An accredited ministry degree will teach you the skills you need for ministry while educating you on how to implement them

Translating New Skills Into Meaningful Ministry Work

The process of developing your skill set involves learning how to apply your comprehensive education to your new career. Understanding this importance, students in our Christian Bachelor of Arts program will complete a minimum of three practicum placements throughout their undergraduate studies. With the opportunity to complete hands-on training in multiple settings, while completing your required courses, your confidence will increase as you apply your skills to the work you do. 

Before completing your BA degree, you will also complete a 4-month internship as part of the program. You will gain valuable, career-specific skills under the guidance of an experienced and seasoned minister after choosing which context and country you’d like to be immersed in to complete your ministry training. Through these experiences, you will be able to not only develop important skills, but also apply them in practical settings so you can feel confident utilizing them once you launch your career.

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