If you’re currently serving in ministry, but feel that your full potential within the field is yet to be reached, earning a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology could be right for you. While going back to school after a hiatus may be intimidating, Kingswood University’s online Master of Arts program offers you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, while balancing your personal and professional commitments. 

Throughout the year-long duration of the program, you’ll gain the skills needed to rise to meet current issues in ministry, enhancing the effectiveness of your practice. As a leader in Christian ministry already, achieving an in-depth understanding of biblical and pastoral theology, evangelism, discipleship, and more will broaden your perspective and deepen your impact within your community. 

If you’re looking to gain spiritual enrichment, experience and knowledge in the ministry field, this graduate degree is for you. Discover how a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology will enhance your ministry career.

Gain Insight with a Variety of Courses Through a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology 

As a follower of Christ responding to God’s call through ministry, you have already found a way to demonstrate your love for Him. However, it’s important to nurture your relationship with God by finding opportunities for spiritual enrichment everywhere, especially if you want to make a deeper impact on the communities around you. 

Through a Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology, you gain insight into the art of ministry by building knowledge in a variety of subjects. What you learn will enable you to adapt your practice to accommodate a greater understanding of subjects such as church history, church growth, and leadership, counselling theory and skills, theology of pastoral leadership, and more. Throughout your courses, you’ll build the skills to improve your leadership capabilities, while working to define your purpose in ministry. 

Our Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology covers a range of subjects that contribute to students’ ability to make a deeper impact throughout their ministry careers

Increase Effectiveness by Integrating Biblical Theology into Your Practice

Our Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology covers a range of subjects that contribute to one’s growth in ministry, but our emphasis on a theological understanding of the Bible is what makes our program truly unique. 

In today’s world, a biblical response is necessary in order to maneuver through the opportunities and challenges that life presents. With a greater understanding of Biblical Theology, you’ll be more equipped to lead others by applying the text of the Bible in appropriate contexts. Overall, Biblical Theology provides us with a map to understanding the Bible’s central messages, and this map can be used as a guide to leading and serving others in ministry. When you further explore Biblical Theology at an online Christian university, you’ll be able to grow as a leader and a source of spiritual impact upon your community.

A greater understanding of Biblical Theology will improve your ability to lead others

Gain Ministry Experience Within Your Community

While balancing school with other commitments may seem like a challenge, Kingswood University makes it a priority to support students in staying connected to their communities. We know that part of deepening your relationship with God involves becoming more connected with the community you’ve been called to serve. That’s why the format of our graduate program includes a requirement that students invest at least 20 hours a week in supervised ministry, ensuring that the principles you are learning are applied immediately to your own ministry context. With the application of your new knowledge, leadership skills, and spiritual growth to those you are currently serving, you will reap the benefits of your degree week by week throughout the duration of the course. 

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