Do you have a passion for serving others and a desire to see people grow in their faith? A career in vocational or bi-vocational ministry may be right for you. Within the fields of vocational ministry, you’ll be working in a Christian organizational setting, fulfilling your calling as you follow God’s leading and direction in roles such as pastor, military chaplain, missionary, teacher, Christian counsellor, or non-profit program director. Bi-vocational ministers work in every field imaginable, including business, marketing, technology, health sciences, and skilled trades, melding their ministry with their marketplace skills. However, before entering a career in ministry, it’s important to become equipped with the knowledge, spiritual growth, experience, and community support necessary to thrive in your chosen career. There’s no better way to prepare than with a bachelor’s degree in ministry. 

At Kingswood University, students will prepare for a life of ministry, ready to launch directly into a career in ministry leadership upon graduating. If you’re considering a degree in vocational or bi-vocational ministry, read on to discover how you can prepare with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry. 

Gain Practical Experience While Getting Your Bachelor of Arts in Ministry

Preparation for a career in ministry requires hands-on, practical experience, giving opportunities to put education into practice. At Kingswood University’s Christian university in Canada, courses like counselling, event planning, leading worship teams, preaching, and more equip students to lead effective ministries. Supervised Ministry placements are built into every year of the Bachelor of Arts program. These placements give students a chance to apply the concepts and skills being taught in the classroom, cementing their knowledge as they test out how to implement the principles in changing environments. Every Bachelor of Arts in Ministry student will complete their degree with a 4-month internship, immersed in ministry in the context and country of their choosing, providing the opportunity to grow and learn under a seasoned ministry leader. 

Students gain practical experience in the field of ministry at Kingswood University

Develop Fundamental Knowledge 

While the importance of practical experience for those entering vocational ministry cannot be overstated, it is built on a solid foundation of conceptual and biblical knowledge. At Kingswood University, all students earning a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry will take a core group of courses to establish the basics in Bible knowledge, theology, methods of Bible study, communication, and spiritual formation. They will also have the opportunity to narrow their focus, choosing from a variety of concentrations in areas such as Business, Christian Counselling, Church Planting, Evangelism and Social Justice, Youth and Family Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Ministry, and Worship Arts. For students preparing for a career in vocational or bi-vocational ministry, a quality education that encompasses theoretical, biblical, and practical knowledge is essential.

The knowledge students gain while getting their Bachelor of Arts in Ministry prepares them for a successful career

Strengthen Your Faith with Community Support

Many students may choose to attend a Christian university for the benefits of studying in an environment that embraces Christian values, but campus life can be so much more than simply a constructive environment. At Kingswood University, you will start building your network of support through your relationships with students, staff, and faculty. Our small campus community fosters a high level of accountability as students grow together in spiritual maturity, aligned in their values and commitment to their faith. As students graduate and enter vocational ministry, they often draw from their life-long relationships with fellow students, staff, and professors for guidance, perspective, and the essential support that a career in ministry requires. When you honor your calling by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at Kingswood, you’ll be nurturing your love of God and of others within a close-knit community, and you’ll be prepared for the journey ahead.

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