Completing your ministry degree while working won’t be easy. However, if you’ve made the decision to go back to school and fulfil your purpose within the field of vocational ministry, you’re already heading two steps in the right direction. With the right level of support, strategic planning, and self-discipline, you’ll be prepared to realize your dreams and embark on a life of service, while balancing your commitments to work, family and online studies. What’s more, at Kingswood University, students enrolled in an online degree program benefit from a number of resources that make their transition into learning easier, such as an asynchronous class schedule, access to support services, and more. If you’ve chosen to prepare for a life of active ministry by earning your degree online, read on to learn how you can successfully balance your studies with your professional commitments.

Take Advantage of the Flexibility Offered Through Your Online Ministry Degree

When you first decide to obtain your online ministry degree, the prospect of balancing your courses with your work schedule might be difficult to imagine. However, once you familiarize yourself with the resources available to you and learn how to use them in a way that suits your needs, you’ll be more prepared to succeed in managing both your work and your studies effectively. At Kingswood University, online students are able to benefit from a high degree of flexibility, with online programs developed on an 8-week term. With a variety of courses to choose from and a rolling enrolment schedule, you can embark on your journey into the field of ministry when the time is right for you, allowing you to take your additional commitments into consideration. This asynchronous course format allows you to obtain a quality education, without making sacrifices in terms of work and family.

Asynchronous courses allow you to create a schedule that works for you

Make Use of the Supports You Have Access To

Just as a life of service is only possible through continued community support, support from those around you is crucial when it comes to attending an online Christian university while working. When you reach out to your friends, family, community members, professors, and staff for support, striking a balance between your studies and your work will become much easier. Additionally, you’ll have access to a strong network of guidance at Kingswood University. Professors, students and staff at Kingswood believe in supporting each other and are always available to answer your questions, help you to gain perspective or simply be an ear for listening. Another great support system you’ll have access to is our Online Support Services, where you can connect with staff if you’re feeling overwhelmed, need to modify your degree plan, or require administrative assistance. Taking advantage of the support system around you will not only ensure maintaining your schedule is less daunting, it will also enhance your experience through the connections and roots that you form along the way.

A good online Christian university has supports in place to guide you through your degree

Keep Your Purpose in Mind

When you’re completing an online degree alongside your work schedule, it’s important to understand that balance can be found by returning to your higher purpose. As someone acting on their calling to devote themselves to a life of ministry, remember that God is walking with you, and each step along the path is part of your spiritual formation journey. During your studies, consistently reflect on your calling, your devotion to Christ, and your passion for spreading His word, as reflection will help you to gain the perspective necessary to prioritize your studies, family, and work accordingly. Draw your strength from God’s leading and direction, confident that your commitment to prepare for what matters most will help you meet the challenges that come your way with the dedication necessary to continue forward in pursuing a career in ministry.  

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