Kingswood University’s Tuesday morning chapel service on February 28th ended with a
crowd of students and staff gathered at the altar in prayer. The purpose of this time of prayer was
the sending of three ministry teams to learn and serve over the upcoming Spring break.

Sending student ministry teams to Guatemala, Toronto, and Barrington, NS, is an active
expression of Kingswood’s mission to strengthen the local and global Church through forming
Christ-like servant leaders. Sending students out to serve locally and globally is a regular part of
Kingswood’s culture and programs, with weekly local ministry trips and yearly cross-cultural

Professor Mike MacNeil, director of Kingswood’s Evangelism & Compassion program
and leader of the Guatemala trip, says, “Trips like this give you a bigger picture of the world, of
what the Great Commission means, and of God and how He works in different cultures.” His
team in Guatemala will participate in a variety of activities including serving in children’s
ministries and feeding programs and leading church services. Professor MacNeil frequently leads
similar teams in local settings as well, partnering with ministries in the areas surrounding

Kingswood’s student body president Madison Long was a member of the 2022 trip to
Honduras. When asked why she enjoys going on these ministry trips, she said, “I love to chase
adventure, and there’s no greater adventure than to follow Christ. I just want to see what God is
doing and how I can partner with Him in that.”

Madison is one of many students who chose to come to Kingswood because of a heartfelt
passion for serving others. Because of the passion of students like her and Kingswood’s
intentional and practical hands-on programs, it is not only a place of learning but of sending and