If you’ve been called into a life of ministry, preparing for what matters most isn’t something you can expect to accomplish on your own. Transitioning to a career in vocational or non-vocational ministry is an involved process, made possible through self-reflection, biblical knowledge, industry experience and community support. At Kingswood University, our online degree programs provide students with an opportunity to define their goals and values within the field, while enhancing their spiritual growth and equipping them with the skills to serve others. While you complete your ministry degree online, you’ll be developing your competencies in order to successfully launch your career in ministry, whether vocational or non-vocational. 

When it comes to embarking on a career in vocational or non-vocational ministry, keeping a few key steps in mind will help you to reach your higher purpose and connect with your faith. Discover a few great tips for launching your career in ministry after completing your degree. 

Identify Your Personal Values

The first step in ensuring a successful career in ministry in the future is to identify the values and beliefs that guide you as a follower of Christ. Reflecting on the transformative power of Christ in your life and how it has impacted you will provide valuable insight into your pursuit of ministry. Consider the communities you want to serve, your individual strengths and skills, and your own spirituality and passions. 

When you possess a strong knowledge of your identity in Christ , you’ll be more equipped to serve others throughout your career. As you earn your online ministry degree, returning to the values that guide you can be helpful in aligning with your faith and what matters most. 

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Identifying your values and passions will enable you to align yourself with a purposeful career in ministry

Customize Your Online Ministry Degree

Within the field of ministry, there are countless career paths to choose from, given the wide range of non-vocational and vocational opportunities. Mission work, counselling, church administration, teaching, or becoming a minister or pastor are just some of the options available to you with a degree in ministry. When training at Kingswood University, you’ll be able to customize your online program in a way that aligns with your career goals. You can choose from a variety of Majors and Minors, including Business, Children & Family Ministry, Christian Counselling, Evangelism & Social Justice (PRAXIS), Marketplace Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, and Youth & Family Ministry. From these options, you can create a customized plan which supports your unique gifts, translating to a successful career in the future.

Gain Experience in the Field

Although you may be completing your spiritual formation courses and other aspects of your degree from home, at Kingswood University, the value of gaining tangible experience in ministry is not overlooked. 

During your program, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare for your career by completing a minimum of three practicum assignments, designed to give you a sense of leadership, effectively serve in church and parachurch ministry, and develop your biblical worldview. Additionally, the program includes a four-month internship, guided by a qualified ministry leader. The internship will prepare you for a ministry career as you’ll develop the skills to minister within a local church or parachurch ministry setting.

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During your online ministry degree, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in the field

Seek Support from Your Community

When launching your ministry career, support from the surrounding community is essential in creating a sustainable, fulfilling life of service. For Kingswood University students, the community is an integral aspect of their educational experience. Professors and staff are available to provide students with guidance and support at any time, and can always be leaned on for perspective. Additionally, online students have access to Kingswood’s host of connections within the Wesleyan denomination. From receiving personal recommendations from professors to finding opportunities for employment, reaching out to this deep-rooted support will prepare you for a long and rewarding career in ministry.

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