Job Description – Women’s Resident Director

Starting Date: August 15, 2020

Position Title: Women’s Resident Director

Classification: Half-time, permanent (9 months annually, August 15 to May 14)

Responsible To: Reports to the Vice President for Campus Life as a member of the Campus Life team.

Salary: Twelve months housing on campus including utilities and a $5,800 cash salary.

Job Description: The goal for student development on campus is to support ongoing transformation in students’ lives of Christian character, personal discipline, and spiritual leadership.   Developing and maintaining a high level of morale among students and staff in the university community is an important ingredient in achieving this goal.  This position requires residency on campus as provided by the university, for residence life supervision.  The Women’s Resident Director will assist in the total development of student life on campus, especially as it relates to female students.


  • Supervision of a female Resident Assistant staff for assigned residence facilities/
  • Modeling effective leadership and life skills through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Working closely with students in a mentoring capacity assisting them in their Christian character development.
  • Providing pastoral care, counseling, and discipline, requiring students’ compliance with the Campus code of conduct.
  • Timely completion of meeting minutes, incident reports, strategic goals and outcomes reporting.
  • Planning residence life activities.
  • Regularly checking and reporting on residence maintenance and cleanliness issues.
  • Attendance of bi-weekly chapel services, and spiritual emphasis meetings.
  • Involvement in student organizations, athletics or ministry leadership as assigned and appropriate.  An overall interest and involvement in campus life.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Campus Life.


  • Exemplary Christian character and lifestyle in agreement with the membership commitments for leaders of The Wesleyan Church and the ministry and mission focus of the university.
  • Positive personal characteristics of attitude, flexibility, initiative, persistence, professional presentation, and team spirit.
  • Demonstrated leadership giftedness in problem solving, communication skills, listening, and relating.
  • Ability to communicate and relate well with students, especially related to teaching life skills, mentoring and coaching.
  • An ability to initiate and develop programs related to student life.
  • Training and experience in pastoral ministry and/or counseling preferred.

General University Information

Kingswood University is owned and operated by The Wesleyan Church. Kingswood University exists to serve Jesus Christ by strengthening the local and global church through forming Christ-like servant leaders in a community that creatively blends academic excellence and practical ministry experience with intentional spiritual formation.


Rev. Kirk Sabine, Vice President for Campus Life
Kingswood University
26 Western St., PO Box 5125
Sussex, NB, E4E 5L2

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