Why do you have to go to school to be a pastor?

The real question is – what kind of pastor do you want to be?

Or perhaps, more importantly, what kind of pastor does the Church need more?

If someone feels called but is looking to streamline their preparation to serve, they can find an online Ordination for $50 (for real) and start next week if they can find a church crazy enough to hire them.


Kingswood University refuses to settle for what may be an acceptable minimum level of preparation. We are interested in maximizing your calling in three distinct ways:

1.By stretching you in the classroom with the best professors

2.In practical ministry training as an ongoing complement to your learning and

3.With peer-groups and mentoring which invest intensely in your godly character.


To be clear, there are some who simply cannot choose to be residential students. That is why we have Kingswood Extended, to provide an expedition pathway for ministry preparation as an alternative.

But we unashamedly promote the preference of an on-campus experience that results in formation of heart, hands, & habits – not just head. And we strive to offer a meaningful component of all four of these in Kingswood Extended too – it’s just that there is no substitute for the full immersion of living in a community of faith with a focus on high-level character and competency outcomes.

The original Disciples spent three years in training with the Messiah before they launched their Apostolic ministry. Even the Apostle Paul (who was already a respected Rabbi) took more than 10 years of preparation after his conversion on the Damascus Road before he embarked on his first missionary journey.

So, we would challenge you to ask, “Why not – if it is at all possible – go to school to become the best-prepared pastor you can be?” The future of the Church needs your very best. Our shared mission deserves more than the lure of fast-tracked mediocrity.