Shelley first started working at Kingswood University in 2001 as the administrative assistant for Enrolment. In 2005, she left to pursue a career in the banking industry and had just reached her goal of being promoted to Senior Personal Banking Officer, when the Lord clearly told her to go back to Kingswood. In 2010, she returned with a passion to help students financially plan for their education.

“The cost of education is substantially higher than it was even a decade ago, and it continues to rise. Obtaining an education can be the single largest investment in a student’s lifetime. The amount of debt that students incur could potentially impact major decisions they make throughout their lives.”

Shelley uses basic principles of finance to show Kingswood students ways to earn and borrow money for their tuition and living expenses, such as through student loans, summer employment, grants, and scholarships.

Shelley enjoys watching the students strive in their responsibilities and finds her job so rewarding! She also says, “Worshiping with them in chapel services is the highlight of my week!”

Shelley lives just outside of Sussex with her husband Malcolm. They have three daughters, Lauren (married to Ben), Amy, and Ashley. She loves to ski, swim, go camping (RV only), and explore home decorating ideas.