Haiti Initiative

God has opened a door for us to train future leaders for the church in Haiti. It began several years ago when Carl Gilles, a young Haitian believer, was able to attend Kingswood through a generous donor.

After graduating, Carl and his wife, Maya, returned to Haiti where they provide leadership development for The Wesleyan Church.

The Gilles have identified several students whom they hope can attend Kingswood this coming academic year. These students are in the process of applying while we are seeking donors who can help make this happen.

Here is the total cost for a student per year:

Total $23,000
Tuition $11,000
Room & Board $ 6,900
Fees (incl. health insurance, books) $ 3,100
Personal expenses $ 1,200
Trips to/from Haiti $ 800


Before we can invite a student to attend, we need to ensure sufficient resources to cover their expenses for four years of schooling. We are asking you to help us underwrite the cost for a student for four years at Kingswood. Your investment would be life-changing, not only for that student, but for those he or she will reach with the gospel throughout their ministry.

Canada Revenue Agency and the Internal Revenue Service allow us to issue a tax receipt for this amount if Kingswood designates which Haitian student is to receive the support. After the money is allocated, we are then able to let you know which student you are supporting or helping to support.

YES! I'd like to support the Haiti Initiative!