Spiritual Formation Weeks

special events - ignite week-7


The week's purpose is to gather the entire campus together to participate in a series of four services held at the start of the fall semester. A guest speaker will challenge each student and staff member toward new levels of spiritual vitality, victory, and vision. This week helps set the tone for spiritual growth throughout the rest of the school year.


Held early in the spring semester, this series of four services is focused specifically on the biblical doctrine of holiness. This doctrine is part of our Wesleyan heritage and is taught with conviction and clarity.


This convention is held mid-way through the spring semester each year and creates a campus-wide heightened awareness of God's work around the world, particularly outside North America. Both students and staff are given opportunity to respond to God's direction for personal involvement in the great cause of global evangelism. A particular highlight of this week is an international dinner provided for the entire campus.