Classroom learning is absolutely necessary. However, our desire is to remove the classroom walls and include learning outside that space. With this in mind, we have implemented Pulse days: each Wednesday we examine different aspects of our “spiritual” pulse.

HEAD days—expand our minds by looking at specific topics that equip us for Christian ministry. In a recent Head day, we learned about a Christian's place in the political sphere.

HEART days—focus on our hearts as we are spiritually formed to become more Christ-like. Heart days include our spiritual emphasis times such as Ignite, Infuse, and Incite.

HANDS days—allow us to put our faith into practice. Hands days give us opportunity to engage in Serve Sussex and Serve New Brunswick, that take us to places like shelters, food pantries, prisons, nursing homes, police and fire stations, etc.

HABITS days—lead us to consider how we can practice our faith in our own lives. Habits days see us attending an annual retreat and learning how to be wise financial stewards.


Month   Topic Speaker(s) Introduction to Speakers


Wednesday 11 Introduction Dr. Janet Starks & Mr. Austin White Vice President – Academic Affairs
3rd Year Pastoral Ministry Student
Wednesday 18 Head Professors & Staff Conference 20 Minute Sessions by KU Professors and Staff
Wednesday 25 Heart (Infuse) Rev. Christy Lipscomb Pastor, City Life Church, Grand Rapids, MI


Wednesday 1 Heart (Dynamics of a Small Church) Rev. Shawn Craven Pastor, Havelock Wesleyan Church, Weymouth, NS
Wednesday 8 Habits (Negotiating Cultural Intelligence) Mr. Buhle Dlamini & Mrs. Stacey Dlamini Chairman & Director, Young & Able, Glasgow, NS
Wednesday 15 Heart (Ministry Wisdom & Teaching) Ms. Nicole Reyes Teaching Coach, Liberty Church, NY
Wednesday 22 Hands (Serve Sussex) Rev. Brent Dongell Pulse Director; Program Director, Youth Ministry


Wednesday 1 Heart (Immigration Ministry) Rev. Justin Bradbury Pastor, New Horizons International Church, Winnipeg, MB, Founder of International Place of Friendship
Wednesday 15 Habits (Affording to Do What You Want To) Rev. Richard Starks Pastor; Independent Entrepreneur; KU Alumnus
Wednesday 22 Head (Their Story, Our Story: The Use of Exodus Imagery in the Prophets & Dead Sea Scrolls and its Appropriation in I Peter) Dr. Abson Joseph Professor, NT & Ancient Languages, Indiana Wesleyan University
Assistant Professor, Bible & Christian Ministries, Indiana Wesleyan University
Wednesday 29 Heart (Incite) Special Speaker Global Partners missionary; KU Alumnus


Wednesday 5 Hands (Serve New Brunswick) Rev. Brent Dongell Pulse Director; Program Director, Youth Ministry
Wednesday 12 Heart (Seder Meal) Dr. Matt Friedman Program Director, Global Ministry


Julie Johnston

Our group served at the Golden Years Fellowship at Penobsquis Baptist Church. We acted out a small skit and then followed that with a devotional and some fun games. The guest speaker approached me afterward and asked if we would do our skit at the Memory Cafe, a monthly meeting for those with Alzheimer’s. We are now in the process of making that happen.

Julie Johnston
Kingswood Student