Dunamis (δύναμις)

dunamis-logoδύναμις is the Greek word for power and might in the Bible.

Kingswood University is pleased to present Dunamis: a weekend-long youth rally for students in middle school and high school, with the purpose of gathering them together to experience  the Holy Spirit's power (δύναμις) in a real and tangible way.


Youth Leadership Conference - March 10, 2017 - Presque Isle Wesleyan Church
387 Centerline Road, Presque Isle, ME

Dunamis Halifax - April 8, 2017 - Deep Water Church
5657 North St. Halifax, NS

Dunamis Barrington - April 14 - 15, 2017 - Barrington Municipal High School
536 Oak Park Rd. Barrington, NS

Dunamis Rallies are a new brand of youth rallies, ones with a twist! During this weekend-long rally, a Kingswood ministry team will spend time ministering to and investing in the youth through worship, the Word, discipleship, and fun activities.

The Kingswood ministry team will lead workshops which will equip students in some form of ministry training- evangelism, dance, drama, global missions, or music. The students will then get the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into action, as they participate in local service and ministry projects - serving in the name of Jesus in their own communities.

"We want to see youth filled up and sent out on mission for the Kingdom!

Youth Leadership Conference
March 10, 2017

Location: Presque Isle Wesleyan Church, Presque Isle Maine


The “Youth Leadership Conference” is designed for middle and high school students to have a packed evening focused on LEARNING, GROWING, and LEADING. This event will consist of four break-out sessions taught by Kingswood University staff and other esteemed leaders. There will be awesome rallies, speakers, worship, food, and games!



3:00-4:00pm Registration
4:00 Welcome rally
4:30 Supper
5:20 Meet in sanctuary, send out to sessions
5:30 Break-out session #1 (pick 1 of 4)
6:00 Move to next session
6:05 Break-out session #2 (pick 1 of 4)
6:35 Rally wide game
7:20 Mid-session rally
8:20 Snack
8:40 Break-out session #1 (pick 1 of 4)
9:10 Move to next session
9:15 Break-out session #2 (pick 1 of 4)
9:45 Closing rally
11:00 Pick-up


Dunamis Halifax
April 8, 2017

Location: Deep Water Church
Speaker: Spencer Conway



 9:00am  Breakfast
 9:30  Pre-rally
 10:00  Rally
  • Kingswood Promo
  • Ecclesia Promo
  • Worship
  • Message
 11:00-11:30  Breakout session #1
 11:40am-12:10pm  Breakout Session #2
 12:20  Lunch
 1:00  Game
 1:45  Introduce ministries/Organize groups
 2:15-5:00  Afternoon Ministries
 5:30  Dinner
 6:30  Pre-rally
7:00  Rally
  • Testimonies from the day
  • Worship
  • Message
 8:30  Pack up and go home.


 Sunday Morning  Sunday morning worship service at Deep Water church


 Cost: $25.00

Dunamis Barrington
April 14 - 15, 2017

Location: Barrington Municipal High School

Speaker: Dr. Steve Elliott



5:30-7:00pm  Registration
7:000  Pre-rally (Welcome, Games, Pump up)
7:30  Rally
  • Kingswood Promo
  • Worship
  • Message
9:00 Snacks/Hangout
9:15 Games
10:00 Wrap up/head home


 8:00-8:30am  Breakfast for those staying at the church
 9:00  Pre-rally
9:30  Rally
  • Ecclesia Promo
  • Worship
  • Message
10:30-11:00  Breakout session #1
11:10-11:40  Breakout session #2
11:50-12:20  Breakout session #3
12:30pm Lunch
1:30 Introduce ministries/Organize groups
2:00-5:30 Afternoon Ministries
5:45-6:45 Dinner
7:00 Pre-rally
7:30-9:00 Rally
  • Testimonies from the day
  • Worship
  • Message
9:00 Pack up



 Cost: $15.00

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