How to transfer to Kingswood


Students who wish to transfer to Kingswood University from another institution apply to the institution through the usual enrolment process. They must also submit official transcripts sent directly to the University from all schools attended. These transcripts will be assessed to determine how many and which credits will transfer.

Financial Information

Students transferring to Kingswood are eligible for all grants and scholarships. Where GPA requirements are attached to scholarships, cumulative GPAs from previous institutions may be used in the assessment. Scholarships will be awarded to transfer students who were full-time students at other institutions based on their cumulative GPA. Scholarships for transfer students who were part-time students will be based on high school grades, SAT, or ACT scores, according to the requirements for the scholarship.

Transfer students with extensive credits in Bible and Theology may not be required to purchase online biblical resource licence; determination will be made on an individual basis.

Transfer of Credits

Kingswood University only transfers those credits that can be applied directly toward the desired program of study at Kingswood.  Grades for courses transferred must be at least C-, though the grade will not be recorded or calculated in the student’s GPA.


  • Students transferring credits to Kingswood must take at least thirty hours through Kingswood to earn a Kingswood degree, even though they may have more than the required number of hours for graduation. This must be the final year of the program unless special arrangements have been made with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Therefore, students can transfer a maximum of 90 credit hours into a bachelor’s degree program and a maximum of 30 credit hours into an associate’s degree program.
  • Within a bachelor’s degree, normally a maximum of 12 hours can be transferred towards a major program of study and 9 hours towards a minor program of study.


  • Most courses can be transferred from reputable Canadian schools or other accredited institutions (those which are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education) according to the above principles, especially from those which operate from a Wesleyan Arminian theological perspective.
  • A maximum of 18 hours of Bible and Theology courses can be transferred from institutions which do not operate from a Wesleyan Arminian theological perspective, however, transfer credit will not be awarded for Systematic Theology or Doctrine of Holiness.
  • Transfer of credit from non-accredited institutions is based on the nature of the institution and credentials of faculty who taught the courses to be transferred. Up to 60 hours of credit may be transferred. A maximum of 18 hours of Bible and Theology courses can be transferred; however, transfer credit will not be awarded for Systematic Theology or Doctrine of Holiness. Students requesting transfer credit from such institutions may be asked to provide syllabi for courses to be transferred.

Transfer credit is not awarded for Student Teaching or the Supervised Ministry Experience.

Academic Standing

A student who is on academic probation at another institution and is accepted for study at Kingswood will be placed on academic probation for at least one semester. A student dismissed from another institution will be required to wait a minimum of one semester before enrolling.

Credit transferred to Kingswood is included in calculations for class standing and academic probation. Students who transfer to Kingswood University must have completed two years at the University to qualify for graduation honours.