If a recent Lifeway survey is correct, Bible engagement among Christians is in sorry shape. Among their findings: only 20% of church-goers read the Bible daily, less than half read it weekly, and 20% don’t read it at all. Murray, president of Scripture Union Canada, writes to change this sorry state of affairs. He begins

What I’ve Been Reading

  Gabe Lyons, The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America. (NY: Doubleday, 2010). North America can no longer be described as Christian. While Christianity once dominated the conversation, we’re now relegated to the margins.  Some would like to see us move further away. Lyons is familiar with the landscape, having
This October 13-14 2017, Kingswood University held their Encounter weekend youth rally here on campus. They had high school students come from as far away as Pennsylvania. 

Making God Famous

Each year, Kingswood University sends out a group of students from their Evangelism and Compassion program, who minister in the knitty and gritty places of New York City. God often uses them in mighty ways to reach people for Him.