Worship Arts

“Preparing for Effective Worship Arts”

Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples. - 1 Chronicles 16:23-24

Do you love to sing and play an instrument? Do you enjoy entering into worship, or better yet, leading people in worship? There is nothing quite more beautiful than hearing a group of voices lifted as one to praise their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If this resonates with you, then our Worship Arts program could be the perfect fit for you.

The Worship Arts program will teach you how to first be a worshipper and second be a leader of worshippers. You will cultivate a sound worship theology, based upon what the Bible teaches about it and how Christian history has influenced our worship.  

We love to worship here at Kingswood, and our chapel services are the heartbeat of our campus. Come join us to discover just what worship means to us. APPLY NOW! 

Creatively Blending...

Kingswood University strives for academic excellence by offering a core set of courses unique to each accredited program, along with the Bible and theology courses required for the B.A. in Ministry degree.

Theology of Worship

How should you worship? This course will help you to develop a clear theological understanding of worship. You will consider biblical precedents and historical practices for Kingdom impact in today's Church. This course is for not just those studying Worship Arts but for all who may plan and guide worship ministry in a local church.

Basic Music Theory

Without the basics, you will not have a solid musical foundation. This course introduces you to the basics of the written language of music. You will learn to read notes and identify major and minor scales and triads, key signatures, simply chord progressions as applied in chord charts, simple and compound meter, and basic rhythms. This course may be exempted by examination.

Group Guitar Class

Want to learn how to play guitar? This course will teach you the basic skills of guitar playing. This group class is for both students in the Worship Arts program and for those in other programs as well.

Music Theory II

You will learn necessary musical theory. This course covers notational systems, with a strong emphasis on chord reading, construction and analysis, as well as the several types of scales. Focus is given to transposition, modulation, cadences and aural analysis. Some elementary harmony and composition are also included.  

Technical Ministries

Having an understanding of technology is hugely important for worship pastors. This course is seminar-style taught by a tech pastor. You will familiarize yourself with the basic principles and the functional use of audio-media-lighting technology. You will learn to use Finale computer transcription software and become familiar with ProPresenter software.  

Introduction to Songwriting and Arranging

Have you ever written a song or wanted to? Now is your chance. This course will help you creatively explore your ability to compose and arrange music. You will have the opportunity to write songs for corporate worship and arrange songs for a rhythm section.  

Applied Music – Guitar, Piano, and Voice

These are each separate courses, from beginner to intermediate to advanced level stages of each. You will focus on learning general musicianship, technique, repertoire, and performance skills.  

Worship Leading I

You will be introduced to the behind-the-scenes of worship leading. You will learn how to use the organizational software Planning Center, ProPresenter, and Song Select (CCLI). You will also be instructed in how to lead a worship service.

Worship Leading II

You will learn how to lead a full band for a worship service. You will develop class plans and be given the opportunity to lead a campus-wide Ash Wednesday service. You will develop a devotional/team unity plan for future worship teams and team recruitment plans. You will be tested on song memory of twenty songs by the end of the semester. You will also interview three worship pastors from three different-sized churches.

Note: If you wish to view further details regarding the Worship Arts program, you may check out our catalogue.

Along with academic excellence, Kingswood University seeks to incorporate practical ministry experience into all our programs.

  • You will participate in a Practicum assignment three times throughout your studies. This will entail doing practical ministry for three hours each week for the semester, under the direction of an approved student ministry supervisor.
  • As a Worship Arts major, you will embark on a Supervised Ministry Experience, the major practical component of your program. This internship will be completed in your fourth year and will last for approximately four months. You will work with an experienced worship pastor in a local church context, as you immerse yourself fully into leading people in worship.
  • You may have the opportunity to play on a chapel team, starting in your second semester.
  • You may volunteer in our tech booth each semester running ProPresenter, sound, lights, and/or camera. You will have tech team meetings each month.
  • As a third or fourth year student, you may co-lead a chapel team.
  • You will be encouraged to sing in the chapel choir each semester. The Kingswood University choir sings in chapel about five times a semester. The choir may also perform at Carols at Kingswood, the Board of Trustees concert, and our Graduation ceremonies.

An education at Kingswood University would not be complete without making an intentional effort to form students holistically—head, heart, hands, and habits.

  • You will participate in monthly lunches with your fellow Worship Arts majors, along with Dr. Weatherby. Sometimes a special guest may attend and chat with you about worship.  
  • You may help lead/plan Elevate services (monthly student-led Sunday night chapel service). You may play at coffee houses and various campus events.
  • You may be part of a student ministry team, leading youth in worship during the summer months and throughout the year. You may have opportunity to memorize Scripture readings to be presented in chapel.
  • You will spend time with Dr. Weatherby through informal get-togethers. They firmly believe in investing in you personally, and will prayerfully mentor you throughout your time here.  
  • You will also take part in Pulse and Chapel, two essential and integral components of what makes Kingswood so unique.

Betty Weatherby, D.W.S.
Program Director of
Worship Arts

"As director of Kingswood's Worship Arts program I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to speak into the lives of students preparing for pastoral and worship leadership. God has placed in my heart a passion for worship theology, and I believe that biblical worship is foundational to the health and well-being of the local church."

Entrance Requirements

All applicants will be accepted into the Worship Arts program but will come in initially as Worship Arts Minors. Full acceptance as Worship Arts Majors will follow as students demonstrate basic musical aptitude. At the student’s request or the program director's encouragement, an audition will be scheduled for this purpose. Such an audition will test the student to see if he/she meets the proficiency potential for the program. It will measure the prospective student’s current skill level and overall aptitude in voice and piano or guitar.