Kingswood Institute of TESL

Can you see yourself in Canada, the US, or anywhere else in the world, using English as your passport skill and entry point for ministry?

Is God calling you to creative access countries where traditional ways of ministry are prohibited?

Do you enjoy meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds?

Do you enjoy helping people by teaching them new skills?

If so, the Kingswood Institute of TESL is for you!

Kingswood's Institute of TESL allows you to:

  • Earn a TESL Certificate that shows completion of 100 hours of instruction in TESL.
  • Complete an optional practicum of twenty hours in a multicultural classroom setting.

Any student who satisfactorily completes all classroom responsibilities is eligible to receive the Basic Certificate in TESL from Kingswood University that includes the words “100 hours of instruction.” Students who choose the option of completing the practicum under the terms stated by Kingswood will be eligible to receive a certificate that includes “100 hours of instruction plus a 20-hour teaching practicum.”

Note: Many universities offer TESL certificates that do not include the practicum. Potential employers will generally choose teaching experience (such as volunteering once a week for a few months) over a teaching practicum.

  • Classes are taught by highly qualified and TESL Canada certified faculty.
  • The program introduces and provides understanding of concepts, theory, and methods related to teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • Optional practicum in a multicultural setting is available.
  • You will have a Basic Certificate in TESL, indicating your competency for teaching English – a key world trade language – to speakers of other languages both locally and internationally.
  • You will have greater marketability with local and international ESL agencies.
  • You will have official documentation from Kingswood University showing successful completion of the program that you can then use for hiring purposes.
Fall 2019
TESL I is offered as intensive block classes on the following dates:
September 7
October 5
October 26
November 16
December 4 (Wednesday)-Exam
TESL II is being offered as intensive block classes on the following dates:
​January 18
February 22
March 14
April 4
Snow date: March 28
(TESL I is a pre-requisite to TESL II)

TESL students have the option to earn the Basic Certificate in TESL with or without academic credit.

Full-time Kingswood students
Basic Certificate in TESL (without academic credit)Depending on availability of block hours - maximum $725
Basic Certificate in TESL and academic creditRegular block tuition rates apply
Non full-time Kingswood students
Basic Certificate in TESL (without academic credit)$725
Basic Certificate in TESL and academic credit $1065

Note: One course is offered in each semester and students are required to attend both the Fall and Spring courses to obtain a TESL certificate.

Current Kingswood students can register for TESL I and TESL II through regular pre-registration processes. Non-current Kingswood students should complete the TESL Online Application Form here:


  • “For anyone even thinking of going on a short term or long term missions trip, take this course to learn a skill that I promise you will lead to a much more productive ministry while in a foreign country. Thanks, Kingswood, for adding this ‘must have’ tool to enhance your ministry all around the world, or to that family in your neighborhood who just came from a foreign country”
    Kingswood TESL Graduate presently serving outside Canada
  • “It was an intense course because there really is so much to learn, but I wouldn’t take it back for anything! It has added on to my education in general, and I know it will open up doors to opportunities that I never would have had without it”
    Heidi Cheney, 2012 Kingswood Grad
  • “I just returned from my third missions trip. The country is begging for teachers of English (ESL) which presents a unique ministry opportunity and open door for the gospel. I spoke with a fellow missionary who said he would take as many English teachers as we could send for 1 to 3 month terms”
    Member of a Wesleyan Church in Atlantic Canada