Church Planting

20121003 photoshoot promo-17Dr. Stephen Elliott, Program Director of Pastoral Ministry & Church Planting

The Church Planting Major program is a practical four-year program designed to prepare students from a variety of denominational backgrounds, to effectively lead culturally relevant church planting projects. Graduates will have been exposed to proven church planting and church health/growth principles, as well as to church planting methodologies.
In this program, you will experience:

  • hands-on practical ministry preparation,
  • mentoring by an effective church planting pastor,
  • site visits to dynamic/current church plants, and
  • an intellectually challenging academic curriculum.

Those involved in this 4 year program of study receive the same training as the Pastoral ministry students, plus specialized studies in Church Planting.  The course work revolves around 3 major educational components, each of which has roughly the same number of credit hours.

1/3  General Education classes (English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, etc.)
1/3  Bible/Theology classes (Old & New Test, Systematic Theology, Biblical languages, etc.)
1/3 Professional  (Pastoral Ministry training, Principles & Strategies of Church Planting, etc.)

Church Planting at Kingswood University is unique in several ways:

  • You will be exposed to several effective church planters and other church leaders through both site-visits, and as these effective leaders visit campus to speak in chapel services and in classroom settings.
  • You will be able to choose from a broad selection of ‘elective’ ministry courses to increase your effectiveness as a church planter.
  • Most semesters you will be involved in variety of hands-on Student ministries in and through local churches. This will culminate in a 6 month internship in a church planting location jointly chosen by you and approved by the college.
  • You will be mentored by an experienced Program Director who has been used by God to effectively plant a church and pastor dramatically grow churches, a man who has a huge heart to invest in the next generation of men and women who are preparing for their calling to Church planting.

The entire faculty and staff are committed to providing for you the very best preparation for ministry you can find anywhere.  Dr. Elliott is quoted as saying “I would put a Kingswood University graduate against any graduate from any other Bible college or seminary.  Repeatedly I hear church leaders say they would prefer to hire Kingswood University graduates because they know they are ready to provide effective and culturally relevant service in Christ’s kingdom.  Kingswood University provides an outstanding educational experience, coupled with equal concern for character development.”