Children’s Ministry

“Learning to Joyfully Minister to Children” 

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Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. – Matthew 19:14

Do you love working with kids? Have you helped organize a VBS or worked in your church’s nursery? A reading and running program in your local community? What about as a counsellor at kid’s camp or a children’s worker on Sunday mornings?

Whether you have been involved in some of these activities or not, our Children’s Ministry program can help you to train effectively to minister to kids. Children are so precious: ministering to them is one of our greatest privileges. Jesus demonstrated His love for children as He personally ministered to them (Matt. 19:14).

Our Children’s Ministry program specifically focuses on the needs of children from birth to adolescence. You will learn the theory of child psychology and development. You will be introduced to a variety of age-specific programming, in order for you to develop the skills to create and implement programs designed for the unique needs of children. Come study with us at Kingswood. APPLY NOW! 

Course Descriptions

Here are a list of core courses you will take that pertain specifically to the Children’s Ministry program. Since the program is offered as a minor, it can be taken alongside of another program (as its major) within the B.A. of Ministry degree. For further details regarding the program, please refer to our catalogue.

Child Psychology

It is amazing just how quickly children develop and grow. This course will explore children’s growth from when they are babies until they reach puberty. You will learn how they develop, in order to minister to them based on their developmental stages of learning.

Educational Psychology

This course will acquaint you with various methods and models of learning in regards to educating children. It will look specifically at teaching within the classroom setting.

Ministry of Teaching

Children are often like sponges when it comes to learning. This course will give you an overview of teaching as a ministry. You will study the biblical foundations for Christian teaching. You will learn what a proper approach is and develop a sound methodology for teaching children.

Ministry to Children

Do you want to know how to minister to children effectively? This course will equip you to work with children from babies through to grade six. It will focus on helping you learn how to evangelize and disciple children, as well as organize and design effective children’s ministries. You will learn the best teaching aids for children’s activities based the age of the children.