Early Enrolment

High school students in grade 12 may enrol for up to six hours of university-level courses per semester. Students must have an average of at least 85% (3.3 on a 4.0 scale) and must have written approval of their parent or guardian, and the high school they attend. Please contact the Enrolment Office for application information.

These courses are for Grade 12 Students and Other Adults Interested in further education.

Fall 2019

OT 102 – Old Testament Survey
Three Credits, no prerequisites.

The Old Testament is not an outdated artifact of no use to the modern Christian, but is meant for the benefit of all who study and apply its principles. The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the basic contents of the Old Testament, (or Hebrew Scriptures) and enable the student to better understand this major portion of God’s revelation.

Duration: September 16 – December 7 

Spring 2020

NT 102 – New Testament Survey
Three Credits, no prerequisites.

Survey of the New Testament is a comprehensive survey of the New Testament. Problems relating to its proper understanding are considered.

Duration: January 13 – March 21

TH 101 – Introduction to Theology
Three Credits, no prerequisites.

Introduction to Theology lays the foundation of a firm belief in the Christian religion. It introduces the student to the basic doctrines of the Bible and furnishes evidence which supports the divine origin of the doctrines, morals, and institutions of Christianity.

Duration: April 6 – June 13 

Cost for either course is $100 per credit hour.  Students who have completed high school are permitted to take these courses online as well, but will be charged the part-time tuition fees.